Caleb Atwater

Caleb AtwaterCaleb Atwater was born on December 25, 1778 at North Adams, Massachusetts.  He lived in Circleville, Ohio for over fifty years and was the first nationally known citizen from this city.  Atwater had a bachelor and master’s degree from Williams College.  He was a multi-talented gentleman who served as a preacher, teacher, lawyer and a legislator.
Atwater was a primary influence in the effort to establish free public education in the State of Ohio and has been known as “The Father of Ohio’s Public Schools.”  He was known for his ideas on ecology and education especially equal educational opportunities for women.  Atwater influenced the intellectual activities of the Ohio Valley during the 19th Century which included the first book-length History of Ohio.

2016 Update
The Verizon™ Park has had some struggles over the years as the “American Hotel” building was lost due to fire which had a negative affect on the park. There is more work to do, but there has been much improvement.
The Park is located on the corner of North Court Street and Pinckney Street.